Work in Progress

Menezes, I.G.; Moraes, E.; Duran, V.R.; Menezes, A.C.P.G; Muszynski, P.; Ruggeri, K.; Mendy, John; Rahman, M. (to be submitted).  Estimating psychological networks for the measurement of organizational climate. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

Menezes, I.G.; Nisipeanu, D.S.; Menezes, A.C.P.G.; Lozado, J; Moraes, E; Muszynski, P.; Ruggeri, K. Applying Multidimensional Item Response Theory for the development and validation of a scale to measure turnover reasons (to be submitted).

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Ruggeri, K; Ondřej, K.; Menezes, I.G.; Parma, L.; Franklin; M., Kos, M. (to be submitted). A measure for assessing behavior and public opinion toward self-driving vehicles: The Survey of Population Attitudes for Autonomous Vehicles (PAVE). Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

Menezes, I.G., Rust, J., Oliveira, M., Lozado, J. Orpheus Business Personality Inventory – Portuguese version. Manual and test accepted to the Brazilian Federal Council of Psychology; waiting for ISBN.

Menezes, I.G.; Moraes, E.; Duran, V.R. (to be submitted).  Should I stay or should I go? Predicting intentions to leave the organisation using machine learning algorithms. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology.

Published Papers

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Published Book Chapters

Menezes, I.G.; Alchieri, J. (2018). Psychometrics applied to neuropsychology. In: Neuropsychological Assessment 2nd Edition. Porto Alegre: Grupo A. (In Portuguese)

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